What’s Deep Tissue Massage?

What’s a deep tissue massage? Why would you want to get a massage like this? How can it help you? If you’re looking for answers, just read on, and we’ll give you a rundown.


A deep tissue massage is a type of therapy. It’s known for using firm pressure and slow strokes, meant to attack deeper layers of muscle tissue. It can also target the fascia, which connects the muscles and surrounds them. Chronic aches, repeated pain, and stiff areas can be alleviated with this.


Some of the strokes have similarities to Swedish massage. However, two specific techniques are unique to deep tissue sessions.


One common addition to deep tissue massage Perth is stripping. This involves deep, gliding pressure along the fibres. This uses the elbow and forearm, but knuckles and thumbs can also be useful.


Friction techniques are also used. These use pressure along the grain of the muscle. This releases adhesion and realigns the tissues, relaxing the body.


If you’re looking to find relief from some conditions, deep tissue massage might help. For instance, it can assist in recovery from lower back pain. It can be used to address limitations in mobility due to injury, repetitive strain, and postural issues.


Muscle tension can also be addressed.


In particular, problems with the glutes and hamstrings can be treated this way. You can also attack the legs, upper back, rhomboids, and quadriceps with deep tissue techniques. Tennis elbow and upper back and neck pain are addressed using this method.


Remember that the massage can cause discomfort, along with some pain. The massage works on areas that have adhesion or scar tissue. If you’re feeling pain, it might be wrong. It can sometimes be a sign that the therapy is working, but there are also times when it is a sign of trouble.


Pain can cause the body to tense up. This makes it difficult for the therapist, as the tension makes it harder to get to the deeper muscles.


Deep tissue massage can do a lot of things for the body. It can help with many conditions. Also, like all massage styles, it affects the chemistry of the brain and nervous system.


You see, massage can break down cortisol – the hormone that causes stress. It also stimulates the production of endorphins, the same hormones that promote good moods, contentment, and help combat stress and frustration. This combination is why massage makes you feel relaxed.

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