Going Paperless

How much waste does an office generate? Is there a benefit to going paperless?


Thanks to modern communications technology and other factors, the paper is slowly going away. Offices are switching more and more to digital records and the ability to not need written documentation. Sure, it’s still practical to have the paperwork ready, but it’s no longer strictly necessary.


Now, there is one fundamental disadvantage to a paperless office. You need to be updated on everything.


Technology is the core of a paperless office. If you’re running on old machinery and software, you’re getting left behind. You’re hurting your bottom line. So you need to spend to make sure you have the best technology at your disposal.


Now, with that in mind, what are the advantages?


Well, paperless means a smaller office. You’re not looking for any extra space for storage, so you can focus only on what you need. This, in turn, lets you find smaller areas that cost less. You have a lower overall overhead.


You’re not spending money on skip bins Perth WA because you don’t produce that much waste. You still need a few trash bins here and there, but nothing to the extent of a regular office would require.


Documents can’t get lost, provided you make multiple digital copies. You can’t print a copy of a document and then forget it. Chances are that you have a copy on your phone, ready to be used as reference or source file for a project.


Search systems provide ways to find any document at any time, making it easier. No more hours spent in file rooms. Now you just spend hours going over search results.


A paperless office has less environmental impact.


A paperless office also allows for a new way of getting things done. Since files are passed around digitally, there is the option for people to work remotely. They might do their jobs in the comfort of their own homes, only coming into the office for meetings or specific tasks.


Processing documents in this manner also gives you the flexibility of schedule. People can get work done at a time that is convenient for them. This can help morale and productivity.


Not everyone is cut out for a paperless office, of course. Some companies, like law firms, will want more than digital data. They’ll wish to hard copies of everything, mainly since some of those files may be older than the technology they’re using.

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